Free Verse Writing Project

Creative Writing in Montana's Youth Detention Centers

Our Partners

The Missoula Writing Collaborative

The Montana Arts Council, Strategic Investment Grant 2016

Humanities Montana, Regular Grant 2016

Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, Grant 2016

The Beat Within

Zoo City Apparel


Our Individual Donors, without whom we could not do what we do

Shannon Leigh Chapman

California Orchids

Sejal Patel

Genevieve Crow

Antonia Malchik

Eric Ohman and Danielle Fischer

Frank O’Toole

Greg Kimura

Sarah Carlin Ames

Aaron & Erin Kahn

Ann Eichenmuller

Colorado Sindlers

Sanders Wommack

Jessie Chaffee

Laura, Rachel, Lily and David Mason-Gordon

David Masnato


Margaret Henry

Evan Weiss

Ed Conroy

Suzi Mohn

Juliet Dana


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